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Don't Forget Your Check-Up!

You've made the investment in your boat, now it's time to make sure she's happy and healthy. Think of a marine surveyor much like a family doctor for your boat. Much like your family doctor will take your temperature and blood pressure, listen to your heart and lungs, inspect your eyes and ears and tap your knee, a marine surveyor will inspect your vessel holistically, recommend any maintenance or upgrades (Take your vitamins!) and refer you to a specialist for any advanced concerns that arise.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

As a prospective buyer of a boat, you want to know what you’re buying and be confident in your purchase. A good survey ensures you’re making a buying decision with eyes wide open. The last thing you want is to find expensive issues after the deal has closed. Think of a pre-purchase survey on a boat as you would a pre-purchase appraisal on a house. Before closing a transaction on a house, an inspection and appraisal is customary so that the buyer has an independent, third-party perspective on what the house is worth as well as its present condition. Conducting a survey on a boat during the buying process is customary for the same purpose. A pre-purchase survey is often the most comprehensive and typically includes a sea trial and hull inspection.

Don't forget that mechanical and/or rigging inspection! We're happy to refer you to any needed specialists.


Insurance/Finance Inspection

Protecting your investment! Very often, especially with large and more expensive vessels, insurance companies and lenders require a survey as part of the underwriting process. The survey report helps insurance companies and lenders understand the boat, its condition and its value when determining the risk of insuring or lending against the boat. Hull inspections are sometimes required in this circumstance, whereas sea trials are rarely required.

Appraisal Inspection

Do you own  a vessel and are unsure of its market value? Do you need an appraisal for insurance, financing, an estate settlement or tax purposes (donations)? An appraisal inspection is performed for the purpose of determining the fair market value of the vessel. This inspection involves a quick, cursory review of the vessels systems and equipment. Depending on the owner's or underwriter's requirements, this may or may not require a sea trial and/or an out-of-the-water inspection. 


Discovery Inspection

Do you own, or are in contract to purchase a vessel, and would like expert eyes aboard before engaging a full inspection? In lieu of a full inspection, a Discovery Inspection brings to light areas of concern prior to engaging a more in-depth inspection. 

Damage Inspection

Had a tough day on the water? Did something unexpected arise? Let's get you boating again ASAP! Accidents happen, that's why we have insurance. If you've had misfortune afloat, a complete and thorough damage inspection will help you get back to boating faster. Depending on the circumstances, an out-of-the-water inspection and sea trial may be required. 

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