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Instruction on your boat, or charter ours!


1997 Boston Whaler Outrage 20'

Enjoy Boating, Confidently!

  • Tight Quarter Boat Handling

  • Docking

  • Line & Fender Handling

  • Anchoring

  • Man Overboard

  • VHF Radio Communication

  • Navigation Electronics

  • Weather Forecasting

  • Intro to 'Rules of the Road'

  • Engine Room Basics

  • Open Ocean & Foul Weather Navigation

  • Low Visibility Navigation

  • Trailer Launch & Recover

We specialize in twin and single screw!

Boating is supposed to be fun!

You've made the investment in your boat, now it's time to enjoy the freedom boating provides. Being comfortable at the helm is key to enjoying your day on the water. If you're new to boating or an old salt with a new boat that you're unfamiliar with, we will have you capable and confident to set out on your next adventure.

Building Confidence

Are you in the early stages of your boating adventure and looking where to start? Have you been boating for awhile, had a tough experience and looking to get back on the horse? Boating with confidence starts your day on the right foot; it's important for both safety reasons and for making your experience enjoyable. We custom tailor our training and instruction to meet you where ever you're at in your boating endeavors. We come ready with drills and exercises that will steadily build your confidence and comfort with your boat. We will explore boating together, at your pace.

Building Skill Sets

Setting out with a robust toolkit helps ensure you'll be ready for whatever your day might throw at you. Whether you're getting acquainted with a new boat, endeavoring to try something new or simply want to expand your skills, we bring the knowledge, skills, drills and exercises to expand your toolkit and help you prepare for your next adventure.

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